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What is my age: I'm 29 years old
Hobby: Swinger Wives Want Sex Friend Seeks A Real Man Not A Player 2530
Nationality: Senegalese
Eyes: I’ve got big green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
What is my gender: Girl
Languages: I understand English and Chinese
My piercing: None

When I was 16, I got in trouble for reading erotica novels. When I was found with a stack of them, my parents had over a family friend, Ian. I'd spanking confessions had a bit of a crush on him, even though he was spanking confessions So my parents dragged me out of my room into the living room, where Ian was and then made me tell him why I was about to be punished which was humiliating. Then Dad pulled me over his knee, pulled down my Care Bear pajama shorts, which I had nothing underneath, and started spanking me.

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I left laughing and got away with it. Report Please to report. Spanking confessions Stories Confessions Current: spanking. I know that I hated it when my spanking confessions husband forced it on me. I want to be forced against my will to jerk off and cum in front of them. I am a huge exhibitionist, in fact my ultimate fantasy since middle school has been being forced to attend school completely naked as a punishment. Then I pull my pants down when females walk by or can see from a bit of a distance away and some of the time I spank my spanking confessions ass hard with my bare hand or a wooden paddle right in front of them.

I have lost my attraction for her spanking confessions of her rejection of my sexual appetite.

I want to feel the complete and utter embarrassment and humiliation of being seen naked by all those people I'll have to see everyday. I bled profusely and it was a very negative experience. Now I really am not into my wife, just a lot of resentment. My wife would spanking confessions follow me through the only exit spanking confessions a burning building unless I was leading her exactly where she already decided she wanted to go.

My wife of nearly 20 years is a total spanking confessions. I started cheating on my wife, and I found that many, many women crave being dominated spanked, tied up, even chokedand love the feeling of getting their ass plowed.

Spankings stories

Two days ago I went out in my car to flash women. Once the bag is empty to have a large inflatable plug inserted into my arse and made to hold it until begging to expel the soapy water. But I doubt she will ever enjoy getting her ass filled up by me even if spanking confessions lets me. I also recommend "The Love Dare" book. I exposed my bare bottom from my car window on several occasions and spanking confessions done this many times before.

Seriously considering divorcing spanking confessions over spanking confessions. I screwed her ass once on my suggestion and after that, she would ask for it. Have you ever seen the movie "Fireproof"? You sound sexually selfish.

She normally comes when I play with her ass, but always complains if I try to fuck it. What were your reasons for marrying your wife, may I ask? I want to be spanked by 2 or 3 older men while being given spanking confessions large soapy enema. Now that I'm 19 years old and college age I want nothing more than to walk around campus in broad daylight completely naked. Adultery anal adultery divorce bdsm spanking choking. Exhibitionism exhibitionist exhibitionism exhibit nude naked cfnm cmnm spanking confessions nudity naked in public pervert masturbation masturbate perv spanked spanking nudity embarrassed embarrassment humiliation freaky naked in school fantasy punishment fetish.

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They can use me as they wish as long as they fill my ass with their cum and plug it up. Views Recent Upvoted Comments. I want to be absolutely humiliated and forced spanking confessions confess what a dirty filthy freaky exhibitionistic pervert I am.

If you want to see me naughty You're on 1 2 3. I try to speak against divorce, because it can be traumatic in and of itself, for both former spouses spanking confessions children. So I wrote, Bad boys should be spanked on their bare bottoms, naughty girls need their bare bum cheeks paddled, red bottom paddle spankings and you have to catch me first before you give me a bare bottom spanking on the spanking confessions. I felt like doing something really naughty that day and satisfy my spanking fetish at the same time.

I want you to be my little girl. The fantasy only intensified when I got into high school.

Spanking Confessions Spanking confession stories and spanking confessions. She also wants sex to be gentle. She would often turn me down in the first decade of our marriage and I grew resentful she comes every time we have sex. Two or so weeks ago I took an large red marking pen and wrote on the wall on the side of an apartment building. We provide many cool features for confessions spanking confessions for premium users Go Premium.

Then I want to spanking confessions my legs shackled in a spreader bar so that they have access to all of me and I can't back out. I want them to take photos and videos and post them online. Vandalism spanking vandalism.

Fetish sexual fetish spanking clean out spanking confessions dirty minds. Your wife's refusal of anal intercourse may be from pain issues, fear, or trauma from something in her past. Then find me here my Nick Grace - verrywet.

Spankings stories

I want the evidence to eventually get back to all my high school and middle spanking confessions classmates. I am divorced from two spanking confessions who brutally raped and beat me, and am now engaged to a wonderful man. Exhibitionism public exhibitionism indescent eposure spanking. If you were a woman, and loved anal, would you stay with a man who spanking confessions not give it to you? You don't sound like a very nice husband, in the way you described yourself.

I want to feel the complete and total thrill of having nowhere to run or hide.

I can only do that if it's infront of my daddies to spanking confessions them that their dirty girl is now clean enough to have their cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass. What a thrill this is.

Some of the time I put the bottom half of my body outside of the passenger side door in the front seat with bare legs and bare feet hanging down outside spanking confessions the door and body suspended on the top of the door. I also want to be spanked in the nude by my fellow classmates, especially spanking confessions females.

They are also more agreeable in general and just overall more submissive.

My wife found out about my affairs and we are trying to work things out.