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Obsessed with celebrityconsumer culture, and mechanical re production, Pop artist Andy Warhol created some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. Known for his cultivation of celebrity, Factory studio a radical social and creative melting potand avant-garde films like Chelsea Girls sam jann nude, Warhol was also a mentor to artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Max : Yeah, i t was that week I put in my two weeks notice, sold all my furniture, packed my car with nothing but my clothes and camera gear, and drove down to Los Angeles.

The same happened to me as a byproduct of writing and connecting with other creators like you. Do it well, but also do it differently than the rest of the world. Around that time I had been taking lots of still-life pictures on my phone. I spent sam jann nude majority of my life in the north bay area until I moved to Los Angeles in to pursue photography professionally. Max : Yeah, I got asked to shoot stills for a movie. Max, you are a serious creator — with photography and in business.

How important has social media and the Internet played in the building of your brand? Sam jann nude Its important to be autodidact. My family and I have always been close.

Unlike 9 to 5 jobs where you can vent about work related things on social media or complain about how its Monday, the art industry is more complex than that. That and coupled with just the feeling you get in the moment. You used to have to die before your writings or artwork became well known. Or at least, how important do you think it will be as sam jann nude continue to grow it?

Happily use everyday with excitement. I sang and played guitar. HDF: I think that combination of sam jann nude cinema meets visually appealing angles and settings is a recipe for success. Max : A few years before I moved to LA, I had a customer service job where I sat in a cubical on the phone and helped schedule tv repairs. Max : The biggest was making money.

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Maintaining that positive attitude and keeping the struggles to myself not only forced me to deal with everything on my own, but it helped me practice feeling grateful and sam jann nude more opportunities. I knew lots of models at that time. Then I looked down at my personal phone and read a message from some kid telling me how much he looked sam jann nude to me as a photographer and hoped he could get the chance to someday shake my hand. The best part about creating for me is seeing the in the end and appreciating all that went into the process.

I was sitting on the phone listening to some customer yelling their frustrations away about their tv being broken. Especially since it encapsulates your old cinema influence. When people ask me what style I shoot, I never know what to say, and just end up sam jann nude out my phone to show them.

I think about how difficult it could have been 20 years ago.

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HDF: Again, the mindset is a powerful thing, but even more so gratitude. DJs, hiphop, and solo artists were becoming the new thing. Lived in a motel for years and years. These days you can take a picture sam jann nude your phone, post it online, and within minutes literally tens of thousands of people will have seen it instantly. Figure out what other successful people did and how you can do similar in your own sam jann nude.

Anyways, there was this one day something different happened. So a few years into it I had already accumulated attention online with my work being posted on social media.

Do your research. Have there been any surprising opportunities or projects came from building your brand that you would never had seen coming?

When you have a vision in your head, and a team of people help lend their hands in creating with you from start to finish, and that vision comes to life, its so remarkable. I sam jann nude up and around at my surroundings and asked myself, 'What the sam jann nude am I doing wasting my life here?

Wanna be a certain something? HDF: Well said. Switched schools a lot.

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I think as a result I subconsciously began searching for a new artistic outlet that I could feel confident in pursuing on a more realistic level. HDF: And w hat do you think are some of the hardest parts about building a name for yourself? Instagram had just launched within that year so Sam jann nude began posting random phone pictures not thinking much of it. It still blows my mind. HDF: Max!! If you had to describe your style of photography or approach, how would you?

Max, why Photography? I strongly feel having an appreciation for todays tools allows us to better find ways to utilize them in pursuing what we set out to accomplish. Max : I knew right away that if I was having a bad day or experiencing financial struggles, Sam jann nude had to refrain from putting that energy out there because I was trying to create a positive image as a photographer that had something sam jann nude to provide to his clients.

Where are some of the best places your photography has taken you to?

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Creator Profile :. HDF: I always say two things when it comes to vision. Relying on word of mouth, printing and mailing cards and pictures to magazines and agencies. I guess things clicked before I realized what was happening.

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Max : I spent some years pursuing music. HDF: I like that. I really wanted to make it as a musician so I learned a lot of tricks about promoting myself online and getting my music out. During that time I got into a little trouble with the law for theft. I caught up sam jann nude Max a bit in sam jann nude our busy schedules and he talked about his journey, which started in music, his passion for sam jann nude, understanding social media as a tool to bring his work to the world, leaving the rat race for something he truly believes in, having to live in his car to now traveling the world, and much more.

The more friends would post images I shot of them, the more other models would write to me asking me to shoot them. After becoming familiar with his work, I decided to observe from a distance his relentlessness to capture photos that not only push boundaries, but transcend time.

There were no jobs to be found at that time. HDF: I completely understand that. Do not be afraid to take a chance doing what you love. HDF: That is awesome brother!

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You get to experience how other cultures influence how you see things. Creating something visually stimulating for the viewer without color can sometimes be a fun challenge. HDF: It really amazes me the time we live in. He said sam jann nude was the best decision he ever made. I shoot so often it would take me a while to sit and think of favorite ones. It's hard to narrow it down to a big one. After that he put sam jann nude his two weeks notice, he sold all his furniture, packed his car with nothing but his clothes and camera gear, and drove down to Los Angeles.

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Performed at venues, bars, coffee shops, you name it. I stayed with friends the first few months, and. The music industry was sam jann nude, leaving little room for rock music. As cliche as it sounds, life really is short. I love your photography and your insane attention to detail.

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Ask people questions. Being introduced to varying cultures, ideas, backgrounds, styles, history or even architecture can really ignite a person. It was humbling. I know you touched sam jann nude Social media earlier.

I just show them how I see the world. I had been shooting pictures with models just around the time I started that job.

Played lots of music back then before I ever picked up a camera. I plan to travel much more so I can add to the list. I had mentioned to my mom, prior getting the job at Vogue, that I sam jann nude to work for them. Every shoot is an experience all into itself and appreciated equally!

And I remind people of that idea all the time. But high spirits nonetheless.