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Forum Rules. Register Help Remember Me? Last Jump to : 1 to 10 of Thread: Merge Nymphs. Merge Nymphs Like any new game, i jump right in when a new game opens so i can get a head start and become the merge nymphs guide i try not to pay for anything Merge Nymphs is like a gardening game mixed with a match 3 kind of puzzle kind of gameplay. First, the home world In this little pocket dimension which is yours, you clear your field.

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These items can also be combo'd, so if you create a large group and then combo, you get a better purification point 3 of these value 1 each can make one that has a value of 5. You can zoom out with the mouse wheel. Please let us delete the merge nymphs guide chests that appears so often. Register Help Remember Me? Last Jump to : 1 to 10 of Thread: Merge Nymphs. Sell low level items that you can get easily and don't need at the moment to upgrade what you focus merge nymphs guide.

It's up there with Oblivious on being the leakiest game on Nutaku.

Again it comes down to two thing: Merge 3 or more to make something else, or have your helper dismantle or clean something to get more items to work with. Mass clearance: Remember when i mentioned somewhere that the item "Leaves and seeds" evolves if you let it just grow or you can combo it, but it evolves in like a minute. On to the questions section in red : 1 What items evolve on their own? If you do end up needing some space, just combo it all they should all be touching.

What requirements dictate what i get for free. I wasted a couple of hours on it grinding. The more items in the combo the better the items evolve the more in the combo the less you merge nymphs guide to merge nymphs guide. Can't play more than 5 minutes because somehow it eats all my CPU usage.

Free 50 gold is good. The game is surprisingly fun. Some items you merge to evolve to the next thing in the series, or some things just grow and turn after some time. These give energy to clean your field, and give off ent seeds, another item that generates stuff. Date Jun Posts Credits Is it friendly to F2P players, or is there a heavy push for whaling? I know we dont have a wiki for this game yet.

Merge nymphs guide can backfire as sometimes that item on the bottom goes to a spot you didnt want. Unregistered Guest. Once we create the wiki i merge nymphs guide slowly reorganize it all. What do the points do?

Beginner's guide

Its still random though, and wont always do what you wanted. Clearing your field: There are a few things merge nymphs guide can do to actively remove things on your field or even in levels. The nymph houses brothels give you panties and lingerie.

Hopefully this information gets to you sooner than later, so you dont have to do these mistakes for yourself. Merge Nymphs Like any new game, merge nymphs guide jump right in when a new game opens so i can get a head start and become the best i try not to pay for anything Merge Nymphs is like a gardening game mixed with a match 3 kind of puzzle kind of gameplay. Also releasing a desktop version would be nice. As it piles up next to eachother, when you finally do merge nymphs guide your move and complete the combo, it will create a huge combo.

Always sell the dimensional boxes. Get new nymphes when they're all in the houses sleeping. But where to put the merge nymphs guide Sorry im not very organized. I didn't know you could sell those chests. Rewarded for the combo: Some items, when combined, also purifies the next tile closest. Date Feb Posts 21 Credits Some tips: Always merge 5 of a kind.

Grind grind grind! Then just rinse and repeat. You will come back and they will at least have evolved to flower box. Shuffle method: You can place a item onto another item, which will push the bottom item to the next available tile. What of that do i get to keep merge nymphs guide paying? Because it is still new, i wanted to share some things i found out through some trial and error. EDIT 2: Well, fuck me. Organization is helpful so you generate your items into merge nymphs guide specific enclosed area. I hope they fix it because It's annoying having to close the browser every so often.

Tried firefox, it chokes to the point that I have to close it merge nymphs guide task manager. As long as you dont move any of them into touching and making the combo. As you collect your items, it will be dropped into the closest open tile inside your shape.

First, the home world In this little pocket dimension which is yours, you clear your field. You can move this item before using it, so you can possibly guide it to a tile you needed purified. Tried Chrome, it chokes even harder.

It seems what is left on the stage is given to you, but most merge nymphs guide it is game locked. Originally Posted by brothersome Originally Posted by Hornypony. There are alot of different items and no encyclopedia section to learn more about them. Date Nov Posts Credits Merge nymphs guide Posted by hornyg4mer. The object of this thread isnt to sell you on trying this game or not, But to ask questions incase anyone else plays this too.

Upgrading them gives them their stamina back! Spend your gold on nymphes.

Help!!! and suggestions for merge nymphs

Don't spend crystals on taking stuff from levels back, you can get almost everything from your home zone anyway. Some, not all combos Making it: Some items like candles makes a purification point. They will evolve in no time, and you can purify alot with these, even if they are just randomly selecting. If you have a item that can make "Leaves and seeds", move everything you can to the outer edge and fill the whole field with merge nymphs guide things.

Date Feb Posts 23 Merge nymphs guide Don't get me wrong, the game is nice. A group of 5 actually makes 2 of the next evolved item, which saves you 1 of that item. Next and last for now is the levels. Clicking on these golden items purifies the closest random tile. EDIT: Oh, and another thing. If your about to log off, just make a bunch of these and leave them.

It's a refreshing break from all puzzle and strategy games on Nutaku, since it's more of a resource management game. Some may seem like common sense but for thorough ness i will still list them Make the combo: even merge nymphs guide you havent purified that tile yet, if you make a combo of 3 or more, it clears it for you.

The items in that series gives purification points every minute higher evolutions can store more than a single point. Using this, you can cluster a item you want to bunch, without setting off the combo.

Merge nymphs wiki

Forum Rules. Multiple of the same type works best. I am just trying to document all the things i wanted to say before i forget or have to leave. If your box is full you will have a money pile on the ground.

Higher evolutions like i said hold more charges, so as merge nymphs guide do this, your gonna have 1 really good one, and the next batch will get you another, all while purifying and clearing out area. Later when i organize all this info, i can make a wiki Items that generate something regularly: Item placement: In your "garden" you want to place multiple generating items in a a inclosed shape. You save so much doing that.