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Years: I'm 43 years old
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The thought of going down on him generates laughter than goose bumps. Why does he insist on getting his dick sucked while here I am busy diagnosing the length and girth of the penis.

Apart from keeping STDs at bay, the girls would love to actually suck something that has taste and makes the act more enjoyable for US. Everything is so eerily quiet with him making an occasional noise. But, wait, his big D is still in my mouth.

While getting a blowjob is an overwhelming experience for the guy, it is a bag of mixed emotions for the girl giving it.

Was his ex-better at this? If you cannot already figure out from my puke face, I have thought of vomiting on many occasions. Did your body just quiver? Oh, these thoughts are not helping me focus.

He better enjoy, or this is last he has seen me go down. No, No, you cannot put your hot steamy cum in my mouth. Yes, just skin roll in the mouth. But what do the girls really think while she is going down on him?

Well, seeing you cum and with that big smile plastered on your face is our greatest accomplishment of this whole act. I am already breathless and also felt like puking on three occasions. Can he see my hair or scalp?

Are you moaning, my stud-muffin? What is that strange noise — is he laughing at me or enjoying this act. While I have bent down to give his manhood a rush, he would be staring at me from the top. Also Read - How to give a perfect blowjob?

What do girls think while giving blowjob? 9 sucking thoughts during oral sex are so relatable af!

Why does the dick taste like skin? While getting a blowjob is an overwhelming experience for the guy, it is a bag of mixed emotions for the girl giving it. Next time, have to get the favourite flavoured condoms in action. Am I doing it all wrong? Is it possible he is thinking about someone else?

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How do I look from the top? Every partner enjoys a blowjob, obviously if done correctly. What would he be thinking right now staring at me like this? Bow down to us, you commoner for I am a Goddess.

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Very few with horrible memories will brush aside a chance to get a good oral sex. Is it not supposed to be deliciously different? But, why does it not feel like life changing moment? Porn stars teach real girls how to perform oral sex.

Feel like a champion at this moment with my inner goddess getting the boost. Will he cum in girls love sucking dick mouth? Dare you to make swallow your stuff, or I would spit it on your face. Yes, yes, we know we are magical, dynamic and everything nice and spice.

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While we appreciate you to be our personalized Popsicle but let girls love sucking dick please use flavoured condoms next time. I am making him moan, so he better look at the positive side. Time to get fresh air as BJ for minutes has got me breathless as much as it has got you moving.

Who on earth innovated this oral sex? I have been sucking him for a lifetime now and the way he is grabbing my head I feel he is to cum. So, if you have a girl giving you a whimsical blowjob, she is probably a keeper. Well, sucking girls love sucking dick penis and making him moan is an art.

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Not your fault but this is an overwhelming physical experience. Dayum, the pressure of performing is getting better of me!

What if he is laughing seeing me struggle down here? This whole idea of seducing and surprising him with the blow job is turning out to be a bad idea.

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After setting the mood by planting small kisses on his stomach, you slowly lick down to get the D in the mouth. Be it the nervousness of a first timer or empowering feeling of an established partner, bare girls love sucking dick or with flavoured condoms, the excitement of oral sex is definitely a memory to cherish. Kissing the penis tip was exciting but why does this overwhelming big thing taste no different. I do not know what to do with his dick, which seems to be growing bigger.